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Research Fellow

Rachele holds an MS in Cellular and Molecular Biology and a BS in Biology from the University of Florence, Italy, where she spent a year evaluating the migration capacity of murine satellite cells. She did research on abnormal proliferation in breast cancer at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and spent two years working on drug target discovery for neuroblastoma tumors at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

Rachele has recently been establishing neuroblastoma PDX models in vitro and is presently in charge of the culture of different types of primary tumor cells.

Neuroblastoma Project


Research Fellow

Reid graduated from Whitman College in 2014 with a degree in Biophysics, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Since graduation, he has been analyzing high-throughput drug screening data on patient-derived cells and working to identify novel drug targets for ovarian cancer.

Mouse Avatars Project


Computational Scientist

Varsha works with large-scale data analysis and visualization. Her hands-on knowledge of data structures, object-oriented programming and statistical methods of pattern recognition, and classification and clustering have led to published first-author research papers on machine learning and statistical inference applications. She has strong hands-on experience with Python, R, MATLAB, C and C++, Unix shell commands, and Vim.


Associate Director of Research (Volunteer)

A recipient of a Swiss National Science Foundation Advanced Postdoc Fellowship, Franz has more than 12 years of oncology research experience at University Hospital Basel, The Scripps Research Institute (Florida), and the Moffitt Cancer Center. He received his PhD in Genetics at the University of Basel. His current work focuses on target validation.