Cure First is combining breakthroughs in functional genomics, high-throughput screening and bioinformatics in order to rapidly pinpoint the unique vulnerabilities of different cancer cells. Ultimately, this will allow us to analyze individual tumors, one by one, and to select the most specific and effective treatment for each patient. This targeted approach to cancer therapy promises to be less toxic and more personalized than any we have seen before.


Cure First was founded in response to cutbacks in research funding at a time when exciting new technologies in the fight against cancer were emerging. Our goal was to push forward with the discovery of new drug targets. Cure First continues in this mission and depends on the support of philanthropic organizations, private donors and the generosity of corporate sponsors.

We need to take advantage of the latest thinking about how to get drugs to patients faster. Conferences like Cancer Think Tank and organizations like Cure First are 100% focused on this and we need more of it. I am using high-throughput screening and the work of Dr. Carla Grandori to help my patients. I encourage others to find out more. Thank you Cancer Think Tank for helping us take the next step.
— Dr. Barbara Goff, Ovarian Cancer Surgeon and Oncologist, Professor and Division Director, Gynecology Oncology, University of Washington